2.Improving lifestyle

3.Learn about Stem Cells

4.Some fun beside university

5.Learn about technology and marketing

6.Get into a science network(make some friends:))

7.Scientific skills(presentation, studying, laboratory and…)


“Do it after you realize it’s true”

This club is just a stem, you choose which fruit bear on branches. Actually it’s a CLUBer not just a club.

If you want to participate in events, attend in festivals or help us to create better things and make here more glamorous, It’s your place.

A consolation or friends for reaching goals. It can be science, art, entertainment or any other thing.  You just need a talent to enter the club and who doesn’t have one? The talents will combine, new talents born and show up to reach something enjoyable and beneficial.

It just takes you writing down your name and phone number.